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Circuit City

There use to be a time, a time where a store called Circuit City was around. You all remember Circuit City. The electronic store that frustrated everyone, with its poor costumer service, and lack of inventory. While you may have hated Circuit City, I LOVED it there. Why? Because I use to be one of those terrible employee's! Yes it is true, I once wore the red Circuit City uniforms with pride. Pride in knowing that I work for the most laid back company in the history of retail. In fact I was so laid back, they moved me from customer service to warehouse. I liked working customer service, but Circuit City did not. The powers that be, did not appreciate the fact that I would return anything, in any state, past any expiration date. Go figure right? So I thought I liked working customer service a lot... well I loved working in the warehouse. Imagine Pee Wee's playhouse in real life, yep that is what the warehouse was like! We did whatever we wanted, and no one said a thing. This was due because the warehouse manager also owned a pig farm (yes, a pig farm), and worked only mornings. So by the time, myself and all my good friends would come in to work the afternoon till close shift, our boss was gone for the day. This is where the fun would being. As a rule of Circuit City, the warehouse doors were to be locked at all times. So that is exactly what we did, kept them locked. So if someone important was coming you would hear them opening the door, and you could scatter, giving the illusion you were busy at work. Some people hated their jobs, well I never once was angry going into work. Ever! I loved it, all of my great friends worked there, I was surrounded by cable TV, video games and movies, and I got paid for all of it! Just to prove I'm not lying here are some videos recorded of us "working" while Circuit City was still in business.

R.I.P. Circuit City


11/01/2010 7:29AM
Circuit City
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