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Yes the video...well lets be honest, maybe only a handful have been waiting for!  When I eat men's candy underwear!  In case you missed it on air, let me give you a sneak peak.

I went to Adult Playtime Boutique, purchased a men's candy thong, for Crockett's awful entree's.  So today I was lucky enough to eat the thing.  Before I removed it from the wrapper, it looked harmless enough, in fact, it didn't look terrible at all.  The best way to describe what it looked like, would be to compare it to a fruit roll up.

But when I took that candy thong out of the wrapper I knew I was in MAJOR trouble.  It felt like plastic or newspaper.  I know, that makes no sense, but thats what it reminded me of.  Then it was time for the moment of truth, to acutally eat thins thing.

So make sure you go to and watch the whole video and see if I enjoyed it or hated it!


02/09/2011 11:27AM
Check out the latest video!
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02/09/2011 1:04PM
It looked gross...definitely had guts to try it.
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