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Justin Taylor
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Caught...Green Handed!

So the other day, another employee here in the building, came into our office and asked if I wanted a Shamrock shake.  I was thrilled, and I told her, "Yes!"  When she left the room, I took a drink.  Now when you hear the word shake, you think of a thick, creamy, cold beverage. This was not the case...

When the liquid came through the straw, it was warm, thin, and creamy.  I have to say, it was pretty terrible.  Although  the taste was horrid, I thought, "Maybe the next sip will be better."  It was not.  Same thing, and that's when I put the drink down.  I then started my work, and forgot all about the shake and left it here over night.  (Gross I know)

So today, I'm walking down the hallway, when I right next to me, bam! The girl who gave me the shake, and she kindly asks, "Did you enjoy your shake?"  I smiled and said, "Yes, it was delicious."  "Whew, dodge a bullet there,"is what thought, as I continued down the hall.

When I get back into the office, Selena IMMEDIATELY gets on me for leaving the shake out overnight.  The next comment was the worse one though.  Eric turns around and said, "Oh, I may have ratted you out."  I ask why and he replies, "Will the girl that gave you the shake (leaving her name out) stopped by while you were gone, and asked, Is that Crockett's shake I gave him yesterday?"  To which Eric replied, "Yes."

So now I have to try and avoid her for the rest of the day, and hope she forgot all about it over the weekend.  Ever run into this mess before?  Tell a lie, and then immediately after the person finds out?  I always seem to end up being the bad guy, I thought I was doing the right thing!  What am I suppose to say, "No it was warm, melted and horrible.  Thanks for nothing!"  I think not.  So am I jerk?  Doesn't matter, I'm going to avoid her anyway and hope this never is mentioned again.


02/25/2011 10:30AM
Caught...Green Handed!
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