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Case of the Mondays!

So today I just feel terrible. Not in the sense that I did something bad, and I'm slightly depressed about it, no, I just feel like crap. I can't seem to wake up. My eyes are heavy, my stomach is feeling queasy, and my legs feel weak. It all started around 7 last night. I figured it was due to a lack of sleep, because I had a chaotic last week. Friday I worked a full 24 hours, Saturday, I drank wayyy too much, and Sunday I had to do my taxes, plus you add in the hours this job requires, and you have a cocktail for zero energy.

I have to say I'm looking forward to going home and taking a nap, but first, I have to drive down to Wilkes Barre, buy a gift certificate to Katana, then back to Wyoming to pay my car payment, then to my parents house to drop things off, by the way it is looking I will not be getting home till 2:30-3! Just thinking about all of that makes me want to vomit. Great, should make for a good Monday, however; if I can get home and get a nice nap in, tomorrow will be much better. 3 o'clock where are you!?!


04/04/2011 9:52AM
Case of the Mondays!
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