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Call me Crockett the Norseman

Yes it's true! Today I attacked, pillaged, and declared a new computer! The best part of it all...I was told to! After the show today, I was walking back to the office, when I was approached by Ray, our engineer. He explained to me, that one of the offices of a fellow employee was being switched over to a sales desk, and that anything on the desk was fair game. Seeing how I'm one of the first people in the building, myself and Eric had at it.

Boy oh boy did we find some good stuff. The best for me was a new computer! I finally have a computer that can play a DVD, and watch youtube video's (I need that feature...for work purposes of course). I was also able to grab some cds and new speakers. The speakers are also clutch, because my old speakers are shot, making it very hard for a producer to successfully accomplish his work.

Overall I would say today was a good day, and now that I have a DVD player, perhaps I will share some of my own personal movies I have made over the years!


03/16/2011 10:41AM
Call me Crockett the Norseman
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03/16/2011 8:00PM
Awesome slam ! The little punk that started it got exactly what he deserved. How much more is this poor kid supposed to take. Slam him again !
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