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Justin Taylor
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Envy My Paperweight Cellphone...

Hey, when I got this beauty, it was the hottest phone to have....back in '09.  Yes, I've had my cell for THAT long.  Now it's almost a game to see how much life this quirky lil pup still has in it.

I have no apps; even Facebook will no longer accept the archaic process of texting status updates and pictures.  That was the only way I could connect with the digitally social world.  I basically have become “THAT GIRL” who would never get a cell phone back in the 2000’s (damn, writing that made me feel old!)  Now, “THAT GIRL” has a phone, but she can’t do anything cool with it!
However, there is a plus side.  Since my phone doesn’t do all those neat things, I still try to have a conversation -- wait for it --face-to-face.  Do teens even know how to do this? 
I’m not on the phone while driving…mostly to dodge other drivers that are face down in their cell. (thank you, sis, for having a “designated txtr” while driving…initially thought it was funny, but now realizing this could be a life-saver).
 My phone is not a drug that I can’t put down.  Look around … how many people can you find NOT staring at their phone?  Sad.
It’s that “Her” Phenom (see the movie – eerie future prediction?) that scares me away from taking the plunge into updating my phone.  Isn’t it interesting how impersonal the means of social media is becoming?   I guess until I accept it, keep a lookout for my status updates via smoke signals…

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08/13/2014 12:53PM
Envy My Paperweight Cellphone...
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08/21/2014 7:35AM
Selena, when You do Upgrade to a newer PH be EXTRA careful about down loading ANY APPS.. IE GOOGLE CHROME and the FB MSNGR will automatically Turn On your camera and Mircophone , recorde , and down Load all of your txts, Conversations Pictures and Contacts. Just an FYI . So If your Like me and VALUE your Privacy ( how would you like to come out of the shower and have your Phone Clicking away or recording you drying off or what ever you do in the shower or bathroom ( My Mind just froze thinking about what crockett may be doing) Then DO NOT down load them and if you do have them on Your ph You can Uninstall them.
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