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Bad dates? How about this one!

So today we are talking about the things that are a major turn off when you go to the opposite sex house.  You know, dirty socks or underwear on the floor, dirty dishes, nasty toilets, whatever it is, we all have our shares of stories, but I feel mine may be the worst! 

I have dated some doosies in my life time, but growing up in West Virginia you tend to get quite few of em, but there was one in particular that stands out in my mind.  I was in 11th grade, and a friend of mine introduced her to me, and for the life of me I cannot remember her name, but that is beside the point.  I thought she was cute, and I minus well take her on a date.  So we hang out, exchange numbers, you know all that pre date jazz crap. 

We eventually make plans to hang out her place (which I later found out to be a GIANT mistake).  So she gives me directions, because you see, back in high school I was not what one would call popular in my school, so I usually dated girls from other schools, where I had no reputation.  Well this girl lived TWO counties over, and just to get to her county was a 45 minute drive. 
It didn’t matter to me, I was desperate and willing to make the drive, plus when I was in High School gas was around $1.20 a gallon, so I was willing to make the drive.  So she gives me directions and I realize that this is going to be a hike, but I’m up for the challenge.  So I hop in my little blue Chevy s-10 and start driving. 

Now from what I remember from her directions, I was to make a right at the high school, and keep going straight for another 20 minutes, and he house was on the right, up on top of a hill.  Easy enough, made it to the school, made a right, and started driving, and driving, and driving…

This road went deep into the woods, I’m talking deep, and I have seen ONE house, and a shack on top of a hill.  No other house, but I figure, maybe she was confused on how long the road went, so I keep going. I drive for another 40 minutes, before I realize I’m in A NEW COUNTY! 

Confused, I turn around and start driving back.  I call her and say, “Where do you live again?”  She explains to me, when I see this one house, she lives up the hill behind it.  So remember when I said the only house and shack I saw along the way?  Well that shack….yup was her house. 

So I drive up this long hill, and find this sideways house/shack at the top.  I turn off my truck, and I’m welcomed by a pack of dogs.  When I say a pack Im talking like SIX BIG DOGS.  Now I’m terrified of dogs, and the mother opens the door and says, “Come one in!  They won’t bite.”  Great…so I fight my way through the pack of dogs and enter the house.

I go to her room and there she is.  Now I understand that people don’t always have a lot of money, and I have never been one to judge, but when I said I could punch through her wall to get outside, I am not exaggerating at all!  The window for her room was a hole with a cloth over it.  Now you may think I’m being a bit harsh, but she spray painted her walls, with just random swirls, and the bed was stained yellow with cigarettes.  To top it all off, SHE WAS A CARNI!  Like Carnival folk! 
That White House at the bottom of the hill I mentioned…THE REST OF THE FMAILY LIVED IN THERE!  THE WHOLE FAMILY!  It was like a twilight zone episode! 

Lets just say I never went back to that house and never seen her again.  But the whole environment was a GIANT turn off!  Ever gone somewhere that had turn off powers?

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Locations : New CountyWest Virginia

05/29/2012 4:15PM
Bad dates? How about this one!
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