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Eric Petersen


Asking For Directions...

It's the most common augment to take place in a moving vehicle, the dreaded “Why don’t we just stop and ask directions” conversation, Jeez! It sends shivers up the spine of any man married, or just dating, which still has a spine left to tingle! To you gentlemen I speak of, you know who you are: I’ll do my best to represent our position!

Unlike most men, I will ask for directions. But, unlike most women, it will be dead last on my list of destination finding options.

Men are natural hunters, we love the accomplishment process and sometimes we show it in the strangest of ways, like this one.

Getting ourselves and our passengers safely to a destination is a proud accomplishment, not to be shared with a gas station attendant, or random pedestrian that shows us the way, but to be savored as a solo reward.

To me, asking for directions is like mud flaps or floor mats, an option that’s always available... but ultimately unnecessary!

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03/09/2010 8:46AM
Asking For Directions...
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