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After seeing Eric in my bridesmaid dress, it made me reflect on the headaches brides have to endure (like difficult bridesmaids -- sorry sis!). But the biggest headache, was wedding gown alterations. I posted this just after my wedding dress was altered, almost 6 years ago ... and I'm still shocked by how I was treated. Don't let this happen to you....

I am not an expert at preparing a wedding (this is my first, and hopefully, LAST one!), so I definitely felt like I was at the mercy of wedding specialists. Unfortunately, there are a few who take advantage of that...The final straw was getting my bridal gown alterations.

Tip #1: If you're asked, "Are you an outside bride?", be wary.
A shop was recommended to me by a friend who has bought and altered dresses there before. When I called the shop, I was first asked, "Are you an OUTSIDE bride?" Yeah, what the heck does that mean? Turns out, they want to know if you your gown was purchased in their shop. Sometimes, it's just a matter of whether alterations are included with the "in-house" gown. Plenty of shops are happy to accommodate inside and outside customers. But for this particular shop, it led to tip #2...

Tip #2: If the shop doesn't set an appointment for you, find another shop.
Because I was an "Outside Bride," the shop wouldn't set an appointment with me. This particular shop only sets appointments for in-house brides; everyone else is told to come "whenever". "Whenever" means, "when you're not in the way of our 'more important customers.'"

Don't be shooed into the corner like I was; I was left standing there for an hour as they catered to THREE other customers who came in AFTER me ("Hon, move over for them"). I even overheard the owner say to her assistant while glancing over at me, "I didn't even know she was coming in..."

Tip #3: Take the dress -- pins and all - and RUN if the seamstress ever says this:
"Hon, I've been doing this for 20 years. Your dress is no different than the sweatshirt on that girl..."

Yup. She said that. Even better...that sweatshirt was on a customer that came in after me - and finished before me - as I stood there in my gown, in shock.

Tip #4: You may need more than one fitting. Make sure there's time between the first fitting and the wedding for additional alterations.

I should have left after Tip #3, but I didn't know my options. So I sucked it up and asked, "when will I be able to come in for my second fitting?"
...I was told I wouldn't be able to see my gown until FOUR DAYS before the wedding!

What, is she holding it ransom?!!

Tip #5: Have amazing friends that know how to take charge when necessary.

My bridesmaid and great friend, Jessica, is my hero. She insisted on going with me to get my dress back a few days later.
While the owner was insisting I still pay for taking an hour of her time (her time? I was hovering in the corner for an hour, remember?!), my friend, unbeknownst to me, was examining the dress. Next thing I know, she is calling from outside the shop, "Let's Go!"

...she took off with the dress!!! I couldn't believe it! No qualms about it! What a friend!

So, should I have paid the owner? Well, some people tell me no, because she "undid" the service by taking the pins out without asking.

Oh, and FYI, she stepped all over my dress as she brought it in!! Accident?! Hmmmmmm
Now, I'm sure the owner has her own version of what went down with a "bridezilla", but, so what. Is it too much to ask for some respect? She can call me what she wants, but, as one person eloquently said, we have a name for her:

Good luck, and best wishes in planning, Brides!!
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Scranton celebrates XXXmas

Looks like Scranton's a little too excited for the holidays ...

It's a common problem, but this is what happens when you put the lights up too soon. Don't be embarrassed.
If the lights don't go out in four hours,call a doctor....

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My "Hi" has a tone ...

My dad just called to tell me I don't greet my parents equally.

And I owe my mom an apology because of it.

Awhile back, my mom called me with their car's Bluetooth, which puts the call on speaker phone for everyone in their car to hear. 

Me: "Hi Mom"
MOM:  "Your father's here too"
Me: "Hi Dad"

I know.  Looks like an equal HI.  But apparently, my father said my HI to him was a lot peppier.  And they BOTH noticed. It hurt my mom's feelings, and my dad told me I have to call and apologize to my mom.

...for not having as "peppy" a HI as my HI to Dad
Dizzy?  I swear I was a well-grounded child.

Was I subconsciously playing favorites?

 I thought back to that phone call from a week ago.  I’m pretty sure I was just excited for my parents that they figured out how to use the Bluetooth, and I could talk to both of them at the same time.  The second HI was a, “congratulations, you figured out modern technology and we can all talk and celebrate together” tone.  That should be easy to explain to my mom when I call to straighten this out, right?

. . . now, do I start that apologetic phone call with HI?

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It's raining sawdust on Selena

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He earned the BIG Potty Sticker!

My 2 1/2 year old son Cole has been eyeing up the BIIIIG Froggy sticker for days like it's pure gold.  I told him that was the prize: The BIG Potty deserves the BIG sticker.  He earned it this week with a gleeful shout: "I GOT THE BIG POTTY STICKA MOMMY!!!"  

So easy to please my lil buddy.  Friends razzed me for not rewarding him with a "real" treat.  "Take him shopping for a new matchbox car!"..."Buy him REAL stickers!"  What?! Look at that face - he'd be thrilled with an empty box to play in.

Proud of ya, Buddy!  Toot your horn...that I made out of a discarded toilet roll!!!

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Bye Bye Binky!

Lil over-dramatic? maybe. Waving "bye-bye" to a paci....priceless.
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Envy My Paperweight Cellphone...

Hey, when I got this beauty, it was the hottest phone to have....back in '09.  Yes, I've had my cell for THAT long.  Now it's almost a game to see how much life this quirky lil pup still has in it.

I have no apps; even Facebook will no longer accept the archaic process of texting status updates and pictures.  That was the only way I could connect with the digitally social world.  I basically have become “THAT GIRL” who would never get a cell phone back in the 2000’s (damn, writing that made me feel old!)  Now, “THAT GIRL” has a phone, but she can’t do anything cool with it!
However, there is a plus side.  Since my phone doesn’t do all those neat things, I still try to have a conversation -- wait for it --face-to-face.  Do teens even know how to do this? 
I’m not on the phone while driving…mostly to dodge other drivers that are face down in their cell. (thank you, sis, for having a “designated txtr” while driving…initially thought it was funny, but now realizing this could be a life-saver).
 My phone is not a drug that I can’t put down.  Look around … how many people can you find NOT staring at their phone?  Sad.
It’s that “Her” Phenom (see the movie – eerie future prediction?) that scares me away from taking the plunge into updating my phone.  Isn’t it interesting how impersonal the means of social media is becoming?   I guess until I accept it, keep a lookout for my status updates via smoke signals…
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Ugh! The White Marks!!

I had to laughed - I was just talking to friends about the painstaking steps we take to avoid getting deodorant marks on our shirts ... "...well, you have to get your WHOLE torso into the shirt by digging your arms into it up to your elbow and stretching it out so the bottom of the shirt doesn't fold into your armpits, wiping the deodorant off...." It works. Sometimes. " HAVE to wipe the deodorant off IMMEDIATELY with a damp towel. NOT tissues, otherwise it's a WHOLE MESS.." Nothing like white streaks AND wet spots on your shirt. Classy. "Well, just don't pick up your arms all day and no one will see it...." Ever try this:
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Sure it's not a Sausage Fest?

The Nude Beer Fest in Palmerton is getting a lot of exposure ... yes, pun intended.

Sunny Rest Resort is a nudist colony in Carbon County (I prefer to call it "Full Moon Resort, but I digress...)
The welcoming resort is holding the Bare Beach Beer Bash Saturday June 28th, and yes, clothing is NOT optional.¬† “Nudity is required in beer festival and pool/hot tub areas.”

By the way, it’s cheaper to pay in advance, which I highly recommend … where will you put money anyway once you get there?¬†
Hats off to ya if you go … and shirts, and pants, and socks, and….
...Just bring EXTRA Sunblock

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BEST way to handle paparazzi

...a good tip for Eric Petersen next time he goes shopping.  Take that, Paparazzi --- to a good cause!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were surrounded by the Pap's while walking through NYC. 
Soooooo, they covered their faces with this handwritten note:

"Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let's try this again. We don't need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do:,, (and don't forget:), Here's to the stuff that matters. Have a good day!"

Here's the pic: Emma&Andrew Pap Cause
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