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Appreciating all things good...

With November being the month that Thanksgiving happens to occur in, there has been a massive amount of people taking the time to list daily what things they are thankful for on Facebook.  It’s honestly inspiring to see hundreds of people taking just a few moments out of their day to actively name the things in their respective lives that they are most blessed by having. Honestly, I haven’t been one of them… until today.

I think that we forget to be thankful in our lives. We trudge on usually blindly throughout our days, living and acting unconscious of the things that help us live, and often live well. It’s easier to ignore the blessings that surround us and dwell rather on the obstacles and the forebodings that are set before us.
I wish to change that in my life and ask that you consider that change for your life too.

Take a second and remember your past. As a child or young teen, maybe even as a college age person, were you, like I was, more appreciative of the little things in your life? If you got a good grade, a date with your crush, a decent parking spot or even found a dollar you’d forgotten in your freshly washed jeans, didn’t you feel more appreciative of it than you do now, and didn’t it make you feel more… in touch with the world.

Cosmic thinking… maybe, but if you think about it isn’t the world a sea of endless abundance? Can’t an ocean float a canoe as easily as it would the massive cruise ship the Allure of the Seas?  Isn’t there more to go around than we will ever really be able to absorb? Despite what the news media (predictors of impending doom) want you to believe the universe isn’t shrinking and the things that you have and need are always at your beckon call. I believe this. Thus, to me it seems simply absurd to live in the fear of never reaching you goals. Why worry about the difficulty of the road ahead when clearly what you want is waiting for you… in excess.

 A patient pursuit of you dream will yield a purely perfect outcome…   so be grateful for the ability to pursue the prize you want, and that alone will help you to enjoy what previously seems like impossibly hard work.
I am deeply grateful for the gifts that God has given to me and subscribe to the theory that the world has everything that I could ever want  (maybe too much) and I live happily in that belief.

So, with that said, I am thankful for:
my amazing life, my beautiful fiancé, her equally beautiful daughter, my home, my job, my crazy (not lying here) family and friends, my inexplicably excellent health, the life that I have built, the future that I believe is coming faster and better than I expected it to, and for you… yes you, you who is reading this and maybe you listens to the Wake Up Call in the morning, because you allow me to continue living this dream, everyday…
and I thank you for that gift.

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11/22/2013 11:06AM
Appreciating all things good...
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