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And Now, Four Random Facts About St. Patrick's Day:

#1.) St. Patrick Wasn't Irish. We've said it before and we'll say it again . . . St. Patrick wasn't actually Irish! He was born in Scotland or Wales, and brought to Ireland as a slave. Also, his name wasn't Patrick . . . his given name was Maewyn.

#2.) Until 1970, Irish Bars Closed On St. Patrick's Day. In 1903, St. Patrick's Day was named a national holiday in Ireland. Nice tribute . . . but in Ireland, bars have to close on national holidays. That was overturned in 1970.

#3.) America Is Far More Irish Than Ireland. There are more than 35 million Americans with Irish ancestry. The population of Ireland is 4.2 million. (I especially love this one, since all of my friends that are of Irish decent feel that they have to remind me that... and I remind them that they're AMERICAN!)

#4.) Four Out Of Five Americans Wear Green Today. And about 20 million, or about one out of 13, go to a bar!

Oh well... whatever you do today, be safe and have an awesome St. Pat's!!! See ya'll in the morning!!!

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03/17/2011 10:45AM
And Now, Four Random Facts About St. Patrick's Day:
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