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Am I seeing ghost?

So for the past two weeks I was waking up every morning at 3:33 am or close to that time. The first two times I thought, "That's weird, but then when it kept happening, I started to get a little freaked out. Then to make matters worse, one morning, I woke up to a strange sound, when I opened my eyes, I saw a quick flash of light in the dark, and it was gone. The light was right behind the clock, and when I looked down at the clock, the time read, 3:33.

Trying to figure out this weird occurrence, I brushed it off as nothing. Tired of waking up every morning at 3:33, I figured some good ole melatonin (sleeping aid) would keep me nice and asleep for the rest of the night. So I take the pills, boom, out could. Then out of no where, I open my eyes, the room still pitch black, and I think, "No way." Roll over look at the clock 3:33!

I now think, ok this is getting a bit strange, is something bad going to happen to me? Then last Thursday night, I go to sleep, and to my surprise, I didn't wake up at all till 9:30 am! "Excellent," I thought, this weird thing has passed, about time.

So I'm working Friday night here at the Froggy studio, and I'm getting ready to head out, when I glance at the security monitor. All four screens look normal, but then I notice something strange. The screen itself is broken into four different sections. The top left screen is a part of the parking lot, the top right is the hallway to the workers entrance, the bottom left is the main lobby, and the bottom right is another angle of the parking lot.

I always park in the same spot, and it is in clear view of camera four. Now, this is where it got weird. I look up the monitor and notice something moving on camera 4 and even worse around my car! I moved closer to the camera to investigate what the movement was all about. Upon closer review, it was a small round light moving in no preset pattern.

Now anyone that looks into paranormal activity, will know the technical term, "orb". According to, the definition of an orb is, "Synonymous with sphere, when used in association with the paranormal, an orb is an anomalous globe-shaped spot, either white or colored, that shows up in photographs taken at allegedly haunted locations." Here is an example of a so called "orb":

So, here I am, staring at this thing, that I can only explain as an orb, floating around my car. The way it moved, you could tell it wasn't a bug, or smudge. Knowing no one would believe me when I told them the story, I quickly pulled out my phone, and started to film video of it. I shot for 31 seconds, then ran outside to see if there was anything going on, bug wise.

When I got outside, nothing. No smudge, no rain, no bugs, not even reflections. I shrugged it off, and left for the night. As I drove home it dawned on me. I didn't wake up at 3:33 am this morning! Then I got this weird thought, what if something was waking me up, and today it followed me out the door? I know, it sound ridiculous, but it was pretty strange.

Since then, nothing weird has happened, and I actually forgot about it till yesterday. So now you get to be the judge. I have posted the video of the "orb"! Again it is the bottom right corner of the screen. What do you think?!


09/07/2011 5:01PM
Am I seeing ghost?
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01/01/2015 2:17AM
Me too
I woke up three nights in a row at 3:33 am to see a white orb in my room.
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