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Alright guys, here are some colognes that will get you that girl!

So on a rare occasion, I will throw on some cologne, you know, when I'm feelin fancy. What you may not know about me, is that I clean up very well, and when I do, I go all out. Another thing you may not now about me is I have a rather large collection of colognes, that I spend a pretty penny on. So fellas, I'm going to help you out today. Because today, I'm going to give you a cheat sheet on some of my favorite and most complimented colognes.

I can vouch for all of these, personally, and through my buddies. See whenever one of my buddies are going out on a date, or we are going out for the night, the make a quick stop by my house, and ask me to hook them up, and 9 out of 10 times, someone is going to ask what they are wearing. As for me, I usually wear these when I'm meeting record executives, artists, or anyone of importance in my line of work. Trust me guys, these colognes are bullet proof. Now some of these will be a little more expensive than other, but if you on a tight budget, I also have you covered. So let's get to it!

First up on the list is my all time favorite, and the one cologne I get the most compliments on. Carolina Herrera 212

This one will cost you around $35- $40 for a 1 oz bottle. It seems like a bit of a high price, but trust me, you will be amazed on the amount of compliments you get with this cologne.

Next Up on my list is a new cologne that my girlfriend bought me as a gift that I never heard of, and I also get a lot of compliments on, Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

This one is a on the pricey side as well, costing you any where from $45-to $60.

Next up on the list is, Herrera by Carolina Herrera

This cologne is made from the same makers as the 212, and I always make sure to have a bottle of this in my house at all times. When you start to buy cologne, you develop a sense of smell, for what cologne is good for what kind of occasion. For me, Herrera by Carolina Herrera is good for just about any occasion. It gives of a unique smell that is bound to get some heads turning. This one will run you a little high at $45-$60 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

And the last cologne that on my cheat sheet of expensive colognes is, Unforgivable Cologne, by Sean John.

Yes this is the same Sean John as P Diddy, but country music fans do not be fooled! This cologne is great! I would be lying if I didn't say this cologne gets you the most attention out of all the ones I mention. If you want to turn heads, or make your woman, or date want to pounce you can't go wrong here, but there is a price. A 4.2 oz bottle of Unforgivable will run you a steep $50-$100. Now you can buy this at some Wal Marts for $35 - $40, but you are getting a very small bottle. I would recommend the Walmart size if you want to test it, before going off the deep end and buying the 4.2 oz bottle.

Ok, so here are some colognes that I won't go too deep into description, but definitely worth the mention.

True Religion

Cost $40-$50

Sean John I am King

Cost $60-$70

Now, if you are on a tight budget, but you still want to impress your woman, here are a few colognes that will get you that attention without breaking the bank.

First up on the list, Lacotse Red

Lacoste makes a handful of colognes, some better than others. Believe me, they have a lot of bad smelling colognes, but this one is solid. The price isn't that bad either, running you anywhere from $20-$40.

Now guys, this is my secret weapon. I have recently discovered this cologne/body spray, and it has slowly been turning into my everyday cologne. Now, I'm usually against body sprays, like axe and old spice, I feel like they give off a cheap smell, and are a def. not good when trying to get women s attention. Do you hear me guys! DON'T USE AXE BODY SPRAY AS COLOGNE! Now I get it, some of you may be on a tight budget, and AXE is very affordable and cheap. There is a reason its cheap, it's not good, but fear not, I have found a body spray, that is cheap in price, but smells, better than a lot of high end colognes out there. I present to you, Polo #1 by Ralph Lauren (Body Spray)

Guys, this spray is a life saver. I always have a bottle in the car, and believe me, I ALWAYS get a compliment when I wear it. ALWAYS! Here is the thing, when you go to buy it there are two varieties. A Body spray and the actual cologne. The cologne is what is expensive, but the body spray, smells the same and is half the price. This spray bottle is going to cost you $20, and you can pick it up at Ulta (Yes the beauty supply shop, the sell a lot of mens cologne there for a good price).

Finally, if you are in a major pinch, short on cash and on your way to a date and need some cologne, then I would suggest buying Playboys cologne, either the original or if Walmart has it, The New York series.

Both of these colognes have a similar smell to the unforgivable, not exactly the same, but close enough that it will get you attention. Even better they run anywhere from $15-$20. I personally like the Malibu the best, but they only sell that online, and not in stores (unless you buy it in a variety pack of four small bottles).

Now guys, here are few helpful tips when wearing cologne. I have met several people, who don't know how to wear cologne, yes there is a way to wear cologne. See there is nothing worse, than when a guy walks into a bar, event, what have you, and he reeks of too much cologne! Yes, you might have nice cologne on, but when you wear too much, you will reek horrible! Here is my general rule for wearing cologne. Shoot a small shot of cologne away from you. If you can smell the cologne immediately, and it stays in the air after a small spray, then the max you need is two sprays. Also when you spray, you want to spray your left shoulder, from about a forearm length away, and then spray your chest/right shoulder from the same distance. Reason being, when you finally pick up that chick, or she giving you a hug goodbye, her face/nose is going to be headed right for your shoulders, and she is going to leave remember that you smelled great.

If the cologne is somewhat weaker, three sprays should be enough, if real weak four, but I never go with four spray, UNLESS, I know I'm going to be somewhere where there is going to be a lot of people with a lot of different colognes on. The I will go with the fourth spray. Again, spray at least a forearms length away from your body. Another great tip, after your done spraying the cologne, take your palm, and wipe the excess cologne on the nozzle on your palm. Rub your palms together, and run them on your arms and through your hair. That little bit of cologne, will hardly be noticeable, but noticeable.

Finally, with the spray cologne. Spray cologne is weak. It's not meant to be an all day cologne, and its not meant to be a strong cologne, thus why its so cheap in price. Your best bet with a spray cologne is to spray all over, right before you leave your house of car. and as close to your body as possible. Again, don't do this with AXE! Axe body spray smells cheap and is too strong! When you do this with Polo, you will smell as if you have an expensive cologne on, and it will last you a good 4-5 hours.

So there ya go, you are ready to go out and get yourself that girl of your dreams. But first you have to buy the cologne! There a a number of places you can buy all the colognes I have listed. Macy's will have all of them, but they will charge you the most. You can find some of these at Sears, but they will only have small bottles, and not the best prices. Ulta, the beauty supply store, located next to Five Below and Lowes, in Wilkes Barre, will have some of these colognes, and at a decent price. Of course there is Wal Mart, but its the same deal as Sears. the Bon Ton, will have almost all of the colognes, if not all of them, and will be cheaper than Macys, but still pricey. Your best bet, and it is where I buy all of my cologne from is the Cologne/Perfume Kiosk right after the food court.

At first glance, you may think that all of his colognes are fakes, because he is not a retail store, but I can assure you all of his stuff is legit, and new. He also sells it cheaper than ANY of the stores around. He almost always has a sample of every cologne he has for sale, and even better, he will tell you how much to spray and where to spray it! If I'm shopping for a new cologne, I go to him. I ask him how many sprays and where should I spray it, and he will demonstrate how much and where to spray. He is from another country so his English is not the best, but he knows his cologne! Trust me, this guy is a pro!


09/27/2011 2:22PM
Alright guys, here are some colognes that will get you that girl!
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04/14/2013 9:08PM
Thank You
Good review........As your Nose Matures. Your sense of taste for Different notes will as well. I'm not assuming, but from dissecting your review and From your choices....i would say your very young. Under 25.....possibly under 20. Have you Evertried any Frags that are not Designer? I would love to see you Review "Niche" Fragrances. Good Job!
04/09/2016 9:33PM
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