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ANOTHER addition to my desk!

So as many of you know, Robbie and I office is quite the place. In fact, people stop in all the time just to look at the walls, posters, pictures, play basketball, ect. Yes, play basketball, we have a total of three hoops in the office, but the two main hoops are where it's at.

Well a while ago, while I was at the mall, there was a bunch of card vendors out and about. To my fascination, one of the card dealers had a box of WWF Classic cards. The SAME cards I had when I was a kid growing up. I was stunned, and you could buy the entire box for $10! Naturally I purchased the box, and took them home.

Upon opening the box, I discovered that my box, had the ENTIRE 145 cards collection. Well, I assumed, since I had a bunch of doubles. So yesterday, instead of working, I decided to go through a massive amount of cards, and see if I did in fact have all 145 cards. And hot damn, I did!

So here I sat at work today, looking at this stack of 145 cards on my desk, and got to thinking, "What could I possibly do with all these cards?" I know T (My girlfriend, whom I live with) would not want them in the house, proudly displayed on the wall, so I had to come up with a great solution. That's when it hit me. The guy on the other side of my divider for my desk, Johnny, he has one of those glass tops for your desk, and he is NEVER at his desk. So I "borrowed" or in some peoples minds "took" it, with the help of Robbie and started my awesome plan.

With some careful planning and creative skills, Robbie and myself, laid out all 145 wrestling cards on my desk, then took the glass and laid it on top of the cards. Now my desk is AWESOME! Pretty sure when the rest of the building finds out about this, they will be aw-struck and jealous. And what kind of person would I be, if I didn't share this with the rest of you?

Pretty Sweet or if your a wrestling fan....


06/10/2011 3:25PM
ANOTHER addition to my desk!
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