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A great surprise!

Today I went to the Mobil with Jessie Roberts for a usually weekly snack break. Yes, we get snack time here at Froggy 101, and yes, we use the buddy system so no one gets lost, or wanders off along the way. Any who, upon arriving to the gas station, I take a look in the soda selection, something I rarely do, mostly because I just grab an energy drink for my night show, and they are kept in a different cooler.

However, call it fate, destiny, or just dumb luck, I took the chance, and looked into the soda cooler and found a great discovery! For whatever reason, Mt. Dew brought back to classic flavors! Super Nova, the Strawberry fused Mt. Dew, and the one I'm REALLY excited about.... Pitch Black! Yes, you read it right, Pitch Black! I have not had Pitch Black since my senior year of high school back in 2004!

So of you are very mad by now, thinking, did I seriously just waste my time with this blog, and those few of you that know what I'm talking about are speeding to Mobil right now to get some. Tonight is going to be a night of Mt. Dew and Mortal Kombat 9!

05/09/2011 3:54PM
A great surprise!
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