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Bryan Baylee
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A Successful Campaign!

Well today proved one thing true!  That I, Crockett, can run a successful campaign!  That's right, I feel confident that I could run any politicians campaign... run it right into the ground.

Who am I kidding?  I could not get ONE person to talk to me, but I still consider it a win.  While Eric and Selena were stuck inside, I got to go out and enjoy the morning.  See the sights, listen to the radio, and see the wonderful faces of the valley.  Although their faces did not look as wonderful as I hoped, they were still there.

Today is election day, and I wonder how many people in this area actually care to vote.  Has voting become the new new trendy thing to do?  I feel last presidential election definitely turned voting into  cool new trend.  But should voting be a trend?  Of course not, it should be about voting for who you feel will best represent the country, and who has your best interest.   Not how popular you will be because you clicked the I voted button on Facebook (chances are people will click that stupid button any way, just so they can have some extra flair on their Facebook page.)


11/02/2010 6:39AM
A Successful Campaign!
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