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Eric Petersen


A Little Yearly Advise...

When I got back to the office his morning I saw an envelope with my name scribbled in the boss’s nearly illegible handwriting. I had no reason to panic; the boss has left me many things in envelopes throughout the years: circus tickets, Christmas cards, errant fan mail, money… (Ok, that last one is a lie) today it was an anniversary card.

You know, I’m usually very good at remembering dates like birthdays, and holidays, and anniversaries, but for some reason the yearly celebration that marks my hiring here at Entercom, always seems to always slip my mind. Maybe it’s because I won’t be angry with myself if I forget it, maybe because it’s no big deal at all, or maybe because I don’t look at the calendar and constantly tick off the seconds till I can retire like so many other jobs I’ve had in my past.

Unlike most people on this planet, I love my job. I do, I love it, and I admit that I even enjoy the crazy hours, weird co-workers, unusual assignments, endless frustration, amazing fans, great music, scary bathrooms, hectic workload, unexpected perks, etc. etc. etc… I love it all of it. I have met and made friends and connections more now than ever in my life thanks to his job and the people I have shared these days with, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I never look at the time I spend at work as work, and I made a promise to the man that originally put me on this payroll that if it ever stopped being fun, there would be no need to dispatch me, I’d quit if that day ever came; fortunately for me it has not, and God willing it won’t.

When I first applied for a job here I had just moved back from trying to work in the acting business in NYC, I had a very sick mother who needed me, I worked at a job I hated, I made no money at all, and I kicked myself daily because I believed I was stuck there in my mediocrity… not true. In the midst of all that self-pity and depression I got some great advice from a very odd man named Bob that was teaching us marketing. He said: “The life you have today, you have chosen to live. You are right where you are, right now, because you have chosen to be there.”

 It hit me like a hammer. I was mad, mainly because he was right. It wasn’t the boss that put me here, it wasn’t my friends that made more money than I did that were preventing me from making a better living, it wasn’t the teachers or coaches or counselors in my life that had directed me to an unhappy life… it was my fault, period! In that very moment that those words hit my ears I began taking the steps to find the life I really wanted, that week I resigned… two years later I was hired here.
These days, I always try to look back on the past year and consider the changes that have happened in my life, and in the work that I do, when the calendar flips to April 14th (my anniversary date was 4-14-04) and it always surprises me at how much ground I cover and yet how much more I feel there is to go.

With that said, let me impart some sage words of wisdom: If you hate your job, it’s your fault, so fix it!
-No one on earth was put here to be miserable and God wants you to be happy, so be happy. Begin today to find your calling, no matter what anyone may say about how crazy they may think you are for chasing that path. Life rewards action not fear, and ultimately the people you leave behind will dislike you out of their jealousy of your action, because they are frozen in their irrational dis-belief in themselves.

Now go get moving!

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04/30/2013 11:49AM
A Little Yearly Advise...
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