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Eric Petersen


A Great Day... For Us Un-Irish Too!

Ahhh, the Scranton St. Patrick’s Day Parade, some love it, some despise it, but it is undeniably a huge celebration in NEPA! Some would call it an Irish holiday, some call it an excuse for an annual drinking binge, and others say it’s a NEPA tradition… I call it a day to really be proud of being a person who lives in northeast Pennsylvania. Honestly.

For the record: I am not Irish, I am not a “Friendly Son Of St. Patrick”, and I no longer live in the Electric City of Scranton (I had an apartment In Tripp Park in my post college years)… but I do really look forward to the parade day that happens on the Saturday prior to the official St Pat’s day, as much as most of the folks that live there, because of the metamorphosis that takes place in the city as a result of it happening.

Yes, there are quiet bars that transform into frat house basements loaded with beer soaked floors and wall to wall people that barely know if the sun is out or not, yes there is way too many people in a town that cannot handle another fifty-plus-thousand- people in it, yes there are unruly drunken fights (but not many, considering) … but I see The Electric City made better for parade day, always.

Why, you may ask… because people are nicer. Yes, I see a better NEPA on parade day. Look closely and you’ll see it too! I see a ton of people who are perfect strangers shaking hands, raising toasts (to nothing really at all), high fiving just because, hugging strangers, and trying very hard to enjoy a happy feeling of “community” as opposed to the depressed, dark and dismal chaos we live with for the other 364 days of our NEPA lives.

OK, maybe they (and I) have a little “liquid encouragement”, but whatever the excuse, you can’t deny the positive outcome of a great day of coming together for a common cause, even if (like me) you have nothing in common with the theme of it all what so ever!

I have never left a St. Pats parade day in Scranton without having met a new friend, usually completely by accident, NEVER, and I hope that this year is the same. So, Erin Go Bragh… whatever that means, and enjoys the place you live more than you will most of the rest of the remaining year ahead…  Parade day is a happy day to be proud of, where we will be a unified group of happy loony’s, and we will (very strangely) stand as one.

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03/08/2013 11:46AM
A Great Day... For Us Un-Irish Too!
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03/08/2013 11:59AM
Happy St. Paddy's day!
I like your post, Eric! I don't live in NEPA anymore, but I always wish I did when this parade rolls around. Really though, is the "depressed, dark and dismal chaos we live with for the other 364 days of our NEPA lives" that accurate?Ouch.
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