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Bad Husband or bad friend?

So I have a situation on my hands. A while ago, my buddy who lives in Philadelphia, left his job and is now going to work for MLB in NYC. The last time he moved, he had a bad experience with movers, so this time he sent me a text asking if I would help with the move. He told me he would cover tolls, gas (both ways), and he would pay me on top of it. Being a good friend, I said yes, and that was that.

Here is where things go south quick. He finds out Friday, he can move in his apartment this Saturday and has everything lined up, along with me being his help. Only catch, Sunday is Valentines Day. Now I can't back out on him now, because he is starting his new job, and is moving, and there is just too much stuff to move, and he needs a guy. I have already committed to helping, so I'm stuck. I had to tell Tara (my wife) hey I won't be home till late on Sunday (Valentines day) so we wont be able to celebrate,

NOW BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS THINKING IM THE BAD GUY! I have set a date for Monday, to go out to diner, at the spot of our first date! What would you do in this situation?
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Free food?!

Without fail, EVERY TIME I buy lunch before work, there will be free food in the kitchen. This morning, I woke up a little hung over. I figured a quick burger would fix me right up. So off to BK I went for a bite to eat. Grab my burger and water, and go into work. As soon as I take the last bite of my whopper, and email comes through. "Moe's in the kitchen" So now I spent money on food, when I could have ate for free, AND I'm full from my BK so there is no room for Moe's! At least its Friday....
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Tuna Time! Do I look like a freak?

So today I swung by the grocery store to pickup two cans of tuna and a thing of Mio for my water, because I'm on this terrible diet. Anyway, I get to the tuna fish isle, and there it is, 10 cans for $10! Well I'm not passingthis deal up, because I LOVE tuna fish. Problem was, I was running late for work, and there was no time to go back and get a cart. So what do I do? You guessed it, I loaded all ten cans in my arms and shuffled to the front of the store, wearing shorts, and oversized sweatshirt, shorts, and ten cans of tuna fish. Needless to say I got some weird looks.
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Running in the rain?

So last night I finally added running into my diet (only took a month)! I went right after work, spent an hour at Planet Fitness doing cardio, came home ate some tuna, and that was it! Feelin good this morning, I said "I know, if I don't run this morning, I'm going to have an excuse not to run after work tonight." It was 8am, and I didnt have to be at work till 11, so I said, "lets go run outside, get some fresh air, and not go to the gym."

Only problem, it was raining. Does that stop me? Nope. Should it have? Yes. See I don't have an iphone case thats waterproof, and my running attire didnt have pockets. So now, I'm running around town with my phone in my sleeve, and my sleeve is clinched in my hand, so it looks like I'm missing a hand. Oh, and I'm also in TERRIBLE shape! So not only do I look ridiculous, but im sucking wind, limping, and covered in rain.

Maybe next time I'll go to the gym when its raining.
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The lack of drive through car washes is ridiculous in NEPA

It's that time of year again. That time where I HAVE to get a car wash because of all the salt and snow thats been tossed onto my car all winter. Howerver; call me lazy, I have zero desire to stand out in the cold, and have water ricochet off my car and cause me to be more cold than I already am. This is where the drive through car wash comes into play. You pay a little more, but you get to sit in your car and let the machine do all the work.

Problem is, there is only a handful of car washes around in NEPA. The one I go to does a HORRIBLE job, and it looks like I did it myself in about two minutes. Yet, I keep going back. Know why? Because I don't want to do it. I can't be the only person out there like this! You may be saying, "Crock, just go somewhere else!" That's the problem, I know of THREE, and only one of them is close to my house!

Well, lets back up, I now know of four. My buddy whitey informed me that there is one even closer to my house, but its a few bucks more than where I go now. So, maybe come summer, when I'm due for my second car wash (I wash my car probably three times a year) I will go to this new place.

Now back to my second thought. Maybe, there is money in this whole car wash thing? With the lack of washes around this area, the competition seems at an all time low! I can see it now, Crockett's Car Wash! And I can also see it in five years, "Crockett's Car Wash".... closed forever.
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Coffee problems

I can't be the only one who suffers from this?! Also, a cameo by my boss!
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Crockett Cast! Episode 2, Mike Whitey Walsh

Well it took long enough, but I finally was able to sit down, and get another podcast together!   I have decided to call it Crockett Cast!  I will bring anyone on that want to join, and today I was able to get my buddy Whitey on the show.  We talk all sorts of different topics, including, toilet paper, ghost stories, Goosebumps, abandoned cars, taco bell and more.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy!   Feel free to join in on the convo, and please, send questions comments, or anything else my way! 

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Kickin it with Crockett ep. 1! Aldean, Dierks, Toby, road stories, and more!

 Something new for all of you!  I'm a big fan of podcast, and have been wanting to do my own for awhile now.  If you don't know what a podcast is, its like an open forum for myself, and any guest to just hangout and talk.  No commercials or adds, just me and some stories! 

This episode, I talk about some stories from my job.  Most are embarrassing, and deal with artist like, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and Alabama!   In addition to that, a big question that is usually asked is, "How did you get into radio?"  Well I answer that question, and you can hear how I got my start in radio!  

If ya have some time, kick back and relax, and enjoy some stories from me, and be on the lookout for new episodes weekly! 

Also if you have any questions,or guest request let me know! 

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Episode 15! Knockoff ebay Dot View Case review

I love my HTC One M8, but I needed a case.  A cool feature of the M8 is the Dot View feature, which turns your screen into this cool 8-bit looking graphic.  However, official Dot View cases are expensive, luckily, they sell knock offs on ebay for half price!  How do they hold up?  Check it out in the video!

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Episode 14! HTC One M8 UAG Case review.

I have seen this case floating around on the internet and it looked visually appealing ands tends to get great reviews.  The price is a bit high but I took the plunge and bought one and here is my review!

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