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Eric Petersen


5 Random Thanksgiving Facts...

#1.) 90% of the people who travel for Thanksgiving go by car. Travel increases by 50% Thanksgiving week, and most people are on the road today, the day before Thanksgiving.

#2.) The average person who travels for Thanksgiving puts in 214 miles.

#3.) 99% of the turkeys that the U.S. imports come from Canada. Although the vast majority of our turkey is home-grown. We import about $7 million worth from Canada and produce $3.6 billion worth here.

#4.) Tofurky has twice as much fat as regular turkey. A serving of Tofurky oven roasted slices has three grams of fat. Real turkey has 1.56 grams. The fake stuff also has nearly twice as much protein.

#5.) Macy's used to release the character balloons at the end of their Thanksgiving Day parade and offer a reward for their return. They stopped in 1933 after idiots tore one balloon apart fighting over it, and a guy in a small plane nearly crashed into Broadway trying to snatch one out of the air.

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11/24/2010 6:36AM
5 Random Thanksgiving Facts...
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