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Justin Taylor
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2011 and stayin positive!

My god has 2011 started off rough!  Let me recap this for ya.  First, my girlfriend's car smelled of strong gasoline when she would come home from work.  Being the good boyfriend I try to be, I tell her, don't drive your car you take mine as long as we are both home.  So she takes my car to work, and to her rehearsals, and everything is great.  Then I get the call, and for anyone that might have missed it, some stand up citizen of Wilkes Barre decided to throw a piece of rock through my window, steal my girlfriends purse and nebulizer and about $300.

So I decided to stay positive.  You know keep my cool, I mean at least my girlfriend was safe.  Like I told her, I can replace a stupid window, I can't replace you.  So I go get the window fixed, that's close to $200.  Now rent and college loan payments are due on top of this new bill. Still trying to stay positive, I tell myself no problem it's just an extra bill.

To top this all off, me and my girlfriend had to ind a new nebulizer.  This was no walk in the park either.  Because my girlfriend is from New York, she has out of state insurance, which ultimately means, no one takes her insurance.  So finding a medical store that would sell us one, while going through the insurance was no easy matter.  After an entire day, I was finally to locate a medical store who agreed to help us out.

So yesterday we finally got her car to the shop.... They tell us her fuel tank is going to rot off and that it needs to be repaired ASAP as well as new tubing.  Ok, we still got this 2011 can only go up right?  They tell us this will cost around, $945!  Have no choice, we have to get it done, she needs a car.

I mean come on now...  I figured after the window 2011 had no where else to go but up, but I guess I was wrong.  But hey, I have to keep on staying positive!  I mean if I get down now, it's going to be a LONG year!  What I like to think is that 2011 gave me all the B.S. up front, so that I may have a great rest of the year!  So thank you 2011!


01/18/2011 12:16PM
2011 and stayin positive!
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01/18/2011 12:25PM
only 348 days left of 2011!!!
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