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12 Items or less needs to be informed!

So I was in Wal Mart last night, buying a new litter box, spray the gets rid of cat urine smell, and some sort of charcoal sheets that stops stop the smell of cat urine. Can you tell I'm sick of smelling cat urine? So I have three items, and I'm ready to leave, since I have been there for a half hour...yes it took me that long to buy three things, I wanted to make sure I bought the best of the best.

So here I am, with my three things, and it's JAMMED at every register. So I decide I'll go to the 12 items or less lane and get out of here in no time. Oh course the 12 items or less line is at the other side of the store, but I figure its worth it. By the time I make it there, I realize the line is backed up, and it's all because of the old women, who brought the cart full of groceries.

Now I have never worked at the grocery store, but do the cashiers ever enforce the rule. Are they aloud to say, "Yo, old women, get out of this line, and go wait like everyone else!" Then, after everything has finally been scanned, she has to count out all the pennies, and hold us up even later.

I would have liked to body slam that old women.

07/19/2011 1:51PM
12 Items or less needs to be informed!
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07/26/2011 12:33AM
Cashiers are not allowed to say anything...I was in the same situation the other day and the people ahead of me asked the cashier. They can't turn them away.
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