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Posts from January 2014

Super Bowl XLIII Zzzzzzzzzz.....

    Ah the Super Bowl… the apex of football’s yearly battle. This Super Day is the ending of the NFL’s yearly run and usually is so greatly anticipated that it incites parties and drinking, gambling and debauchery, the stuff that only a true holiday can inspire… but is it possible that this year the Super Bowl is, well not too super, at all?

     I have read that the demand for tickets is at an all-time low this year. Believe it or not the ticket prices for the seats are actually selling, hold on, at actual face value! Scalpers are complaining that they stand to make a measly $5k this year when their usual haul (for one weekend) is over $40k! Scandalous!

     I am a HUGE football fan and a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, so I appreciate the sport, the great effort that it takes to field a team with a winning record, to even get to the Big Game no less win it, and I can more than appreciate a great plate of hot wings, plus this year the game is being played in a city I am more than familiar with and could drive to easily, thus normally I love Super Sunday… but I am planning an early night this year.

     Forgive me Seattle and Denver fans but this game is a yawner, and we (meaning the bulk of us NEPA residents) really have no skin in the game. Now understand that I am a reverent fan of Peyton Manning. I believe he is the single best QB of this generation and I admire him for returning to the field after what should have been a career ending injury to his neck. I also very much admire the Seahawks Derrick Coleman for fighting the naysayers who believed he would never succeed because he was deaf; awesome! But still, my respect isn’t enough to make me supremely interested in a game that I really don’t care about the outcome!  I love the city, the food, the party and the sport… but this “Super Game”, eh?

     If I make it past halftime, and that’s a big IF, I will be only able to enjoy the fact that I am awake way past my normal bedtime and watching (for the last time this season) the greatest sport on the planet: football. Chances are however that I’ll be eating day old hot wings (cold) while enjoying a Monday DVR version of Super Bowl XLIII!
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I'm not a "BELIEBER", buuuut....

Look, I know it's bad when we're calling Lindsay Lohan for advice on Justin Bieber, but I think we've gotten as much out of hand as Justin himself.

What's more pathetic, Justin Bieber's recent screw-ups, or the fact there are people wasting the government's time to deport him?

Check out the petition -- I think it's actually legit; not a joke.  Are you compelled to sign it?  I have more important things to pop a zit.
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Listen... do you hear your song yet?

     Every so often I am reminded that I am the “paternal figure” of the Froggy101 staff being the eldest member since my predecessor left four years ago (thanks Ken), and for a short period of time I was bugged by holding the title of Father Figure to an entire staff of people, two of which are twenty years my junior… but those days are over.

     For some reason the New Year has put a song in my head that keeps repeating over and over, and it seems like a decent mantra for my feelings as of late. "Song for the Life" was written Rodney Crowell and first recorded in 1978 and eventually covered by Alan Jackson (where I heard it) in 1995. The lyrics tell an almost eerily accurate description of my life these days as if I had written them myself, and I hear them constantly echoing in thoughts my as a reminder of maturity’s gift to me:

And somehow I've learned how to listen
For a sound like the sun going down
And the magic the morning is bringing
There's a song for the life I have found
It keeps my feet on the ground

     Sadly I was a tortured soul in my twenties and thirties, and admittedly in the early part of my forties, but that was because of the decisions that I’d made that I knew flew in the face of logic. I truly enjoyed “swimming upstream” and ignoring the things that would be good for me and instead opted for the shallowness of tiptoeing my way across a proverbial minefield. For reasons that I still cannot explain, I chose things for my life that were insanely and obviously wrong, and I knew it, but I eagerly went there anyway!

     Then something amazing happened. As the hits kept on coming and the disappointment numbers mounted I stopped- and began to listen… just listen; I wasn’t sure what for at the time, but I stayed there focused and determined to hear what it was I was listening for- I just listened.

What I eventually heard was astonishing… It was the voice of experience… It said that: it was ok; that an ending is inevitable; that there was an amazing magic to the possibilities that a new day would bring, and that my existence now had a depth to it like never before.  My life had changed and so had I and it was perfect because of its awful and absolute imperfection.

If I may offer you a piece of advice, it’s this: take a moment today to start listening… it won’t happen as fast as you think, but someday, not so long from now, you will hear the song for the life that you have found… and it will be perfect too.
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Neal McCoy Asks for Understanding

After reports that Trace Adkins entered rehab, last week, after a scuffle on a cruise he was hosting, some guests were upset, saying they had been lied to. Initially, the crew on the ship informed guests that Trace had to leave because of a family emergency. Trace's camp has done everything in their power - offering tickets and Meet and Greets to future shows, etc., but some are still upset.

Neal McCoy had stepped forward to support his friend, writing in a Facebook statement yesterday - "I understand some of the cruise guest being upset about not getting to see Trace perform, and maybe hanging with him on the ship. I do however think that sometimes things happen,,,, and everybody involved, in this case The Flying Dutchmen Travel folks and Trace's camp, tried to do the best they could to keep people happy, even if it meant fudging on the truth at first on the reason he left the ship."

Cool move, Neal! Classy guy!
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If there were a Petersen Cracker... it would be sweet from the start!

Is there anyone who doesn't love Graham Crackers? Dunked in milk, covered in chocolate or sandwiching a s'more, this beloved cracker cookie may be simply delicious, but it wasn't intended to be delicious at all!

Well friends, today I actually discovered that the true origin of the Graham Cracker was as a bland food meant to curb lust and sexual desire!

Sylvester Graham, an evangelical minister in the 1830s, believed that the single greatest health concern facing Americans was rampant sexual desire. In order to suppress these carnal urges, Graham prescribed a special boring diet. You could only eat two bland meals a day, consisting of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. No meat, spices, alcohol or tobacco was allowed. And that's how the Graham Cracker was born.

Graham invented a much less tasty, completely sugar-free version of the cracker that shares his name. Since white flour was his primary target (because he felt it led to a “lazy colon” and sinful thoughts) he developed his own process for making whole-wheat flour, which he used for his Graham bread.

Let’s take a moment sometime today to thank God that the Nabisco company changed the recipe to create the tasty treat we love today, or else we would never want s’more… ever!
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I wrote the script... but George Clooney is making it real.

I had an idea for a movie script several years ago named Grand Prize, that I swore would&rsquo;ve been a blockbuster if it could attract the correct person to star in the two lead roles.<br />
<br />
The story line revolved around a very famous movie star that had recently broken up with her hunky, cookie cutter, California, beefcake and was looking for a way to revive her recently stalled career.<br />
<br />
During a staff meeting one of her well-intended, yet un-respected, rookie handlers pitched the preposterous idea of her hosting a contest (on Facebook) of a fan winning a very high profile date with her. Everyone in <em>her crew,</em> but her, balks at the idea, but she&rsquo;s convinced it&rsquo;ll work. Eventually the contest unites her with a frumpy, normal, average, age appropriate guy who&rsquo;s the Grand Prize winner&hellip; who is so <em>imperfectly perfect</em> for her that she eventually has to cede to the fact that the high profile life she has led has robbed her of her vision of who she really is, as well as the type of person she is really intended to be with. She shocks the world by falling in love with him and they (after 1.5 hours of truly trumped up movie angst) live happily ever after.<br />
I have shared this idea with many industry folks who either told me that: &ldquo;stars don&rsquo;t date fans <em>for <u>a</u> <u>reason</u></em>&rdquo; or that: &ldquo;my fantasy shouldn&rsquo;t be a movie plot&rdquo; or simply: &ldquo;it&rsquo;s a nice story, that wouldn&rsquo;t nor could ever happen&rdquo;. &nbsp;Really?<br />
<br />
This week a company called <strong>Omaze</strong> announced the &ldquo;Hit The Town With George Clooney&rdquo; contest Benefiting The Satellite Sentinel Project. <a href=""></a><br />
For a $10.00 donation you are in the running to join George Clooney on a premiere night.<br />
<br />
According to the site: First, you and a friend will be flown to New York City. You&#39;ll then go backstage at the Late Show with David Letterman for George&#39;s pre-premiere interview, ride to the premiere with George, and walk the red carpet with George, all before sitting in the VIP row for Monuments Men. As if that weren&#39;t enough, you&#39;ll then head to the after-party as George&#39;s VIP guests.<br />
<br />
Is the story exactly as I had envisioned it? NO, But it&rsquo;s damn close! The whole meeting and convincing him you&rsquo;re his soul mate routine&hellip; well, that&rsquo;s up to you. But it <em>could</em> happen! Good luck, and if somehow you do show Hollywoods most elusive bachelor that<em> you&#39;re the one</em>, please give me first dibs to the movie rights &hellip; after all I did script your happy ending, sort of!<br />
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To hell with resolutions... I have other plans!

Recently I had a bit of an epiphany.  All the holiday celebrations were over and the house was clean and quiet.  All the sudden I found myself watching the TV with a new pair of eyes.  All of the New Year's fitness miracles were now being sold to whoever would be willing to buy them. 

I began thinking about a book I’d read many years ago about body building and how most of the sport (in the authors opinion) was mental and not psychical. There was a phrase that I still remember he kept saying over & over… “a dream without a plan is just a wish”.

Basically said, the author was trying to emphasize the importance of Goal Setting. Goal Setting involves establishing specific, measurable and time targeted objectives… the more detailed they are, the more liable you are to be successful!

You see, resolutions are our best intentions, but how often do we follow through with those intentions without specific, measurable goals and the time lines in which we want to achieve those goals?
I bring this up because if fitness is truly your GOAL and truly what you want for a lifetime, then go about turning your resolutions in to your goals and bring them to fruition.

It's not easy having goals staring you in the face every single day.  In fact my goals make me VERY uncomfortable; they remind me of my past and the determination and sacrifice I’ll need to put forth to get back to that physical condition.  They remind me of the level of detail they required, and the fact that I really could use some improvement on my level of detail.  Either way, the job must get done, not only for me but for the two ladies (Erika & Piper) that I intend to share my life with.

So, here it is in a nutshell: goals make things happen.  They help you remember why you started this process in the first place.  Several months in to the year they will remind you of where you started on day 1 and how far you've come day by 182, and eventually by day 365.  They will show you where you were unreasonable,  and they show you that you can do more when you put your mind to it.

No matter how successful you are, or what you win, or whether you become a Champion…  whatever drove you to be successful continues to drive you long after you've done what you thought was all you really wanted to do.

Let's start this year by forgetting to make resolutions and instead go about setting some real goals for 2014… then we can pick up here in April to compare notes!
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Hello 2014!

Happy New Year!

As we shut the door on another year I have to admit I'm kind of excited for the new one! For me 2013 started off rough with a visit to the Emergency room for a ball bladder attack and a REAL BIG BILL! But, on the other hand, 2013 was the year I got a call from the boss man to offer me the night position on Froggy 101! I can remember I was trying to be cool about it while I was on the phone with him but when I hung up, I screamed and danced like a little girl!
I didn't bother to make any resolutions for the New Year because it seems I never keep them. So, instead I made a New Year's Wish! Kind of like blowing out candles on your birthday cake or breaking a wishbone. I can't tell ya what it is cause it won't come true so we'll just have to wait and see if it comes true.
I hope you have the best year ever in 2014!
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