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Posts from October 2013

What this town needs is a _________!

The other day my fiancée Erika says: "I truly wish we had a Baja Fresh restaurant here". Apparently the place is a great natural food chain that caters to fresh salad and lite fare lovers like her. I also used tohav a friend who would constantly tell me that “we need a Carrabba’s here in NEPA”! I’ve never been in one but the food in the commercials always looks good, but so do the wings in a Hooter’s ad, and they suck!

Everyone wants different things in their town. We all go through times when we hate our city and want new fun things.  I remember when the ground breaking took place for the Olive Garden and Red Lobster, what an amazing amount of hype surrounded that for me and my then circle of friends… and now years later I don’t think I’ve dined at either one more than 5 times.

How about when the developers of Montage Mt. or Sno Cove came into town? I couldn’t wait to have a concert venue here in NEPA, or a waterpark, yet I still will travel to Madison Square Garden in NYC just as easily as drive to Moosic to see a show, and have never even dipped my toe into the Lazy River once!

So I open up the topic to you now… and ask: "What Does This Town Need?"

I say a beachfantasy yes, but that’s what I want.

We are a mid-size city and we need lots of suggestions of things that the bigger cities around us have but we don’t. Let’s make a city wide wish list. Okay...GO!
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Can You Believe It?

People sometimes find it hard to believe that I have NEVER been trick or treating in my entire life!
I've never experienced the joy of going to some ones doorstep, ringing the bell, saying "trick or treat", and being rewarded with every possible candy know to man kind! The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the town I grew up in. A sleepy little place called Star City West Virginia that during my childhood years put a ban on trick or treating! Instead the town would throw a party for us kids and give out bags with stuff inside. I wonder if the other kids I grew up with feel deprived and left out like myself? So, if you have a 300lb ghost show up on your doorstep, please treat him good! He's just trying to live out his childhood!
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I'm a loser!

I think all $10 and up lottery tickets should at least give you $1 back... That would lessen the blow, don't you think?
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Jersey's everywhere... and that's ugly.

With football season in full swing, the jerseys are coming out with a vengeance. I know some guys wear jerseys ALL THE TIME, maybe even in the shower, but I'm referring to regular people.

There are a couple of guys in my church who wear their jerseys to services every Sunday during football season. One is Steelers and the other is the Patriots. I don't have a problem with it, because I don't think God is turning his nose up at them.... But please!

I beg you, if anyone runs into a member of my family, DON'T tell them I worship the Good Lord alongside a bunch of Godless Patriot fans! I don't need that in my life right now.

So, good people of Frog-land I ask you: Where have you seen someone, or maybe you yourself have worn a jersey, and decided after the fact it was inappropriate?
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Billy Currington Pleads "NO CONTEST" in Elderly Abuse Case

Remember the altercation Billy Currington had a with a 70 year old boat captain, earlier this year? Well, he recently pleaded no contest to an elderly abuse charge he is facing.

In doing so, he was able to avoid a trial but was sentenced to  a $1,000 fine and five years of probation. The court also ordered that he undergo anger management courses and have no further contact with the boat captain.

Tell me, Billy, is that how country boys roll?

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