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Jessie Roberts
froggy1013: Had a great time hanging with the guys of @WaterlooRev last night! Check 'em out! -Jessie
Posts from January 2015

Kickin it with Crockett ep. 1! Aldean, Dierks, Toby, road stories, and more!

 Something new for all of you!  I'm a big fan of podcast, and have been wanting to do my own for awhile now.  If you don't know what a podcast is, its like an open forum for myself, and any guest to just hangout and talk.  No commercials or adds, just me and some stories! 

This episode, I talk about some stories from my job.  Most are embarrassing, and deal with artist like, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and Alabama!   In addition to that, a big question that is usually asked is, "How did you get into radio?"  Well I answer that question, and you can hear how I got my start in radio!  

If ya have some time, kick back and relax, and enjoy some stories from me, and be on the lookout for new episodes weekly! 

Also if you have any questions,or guest request let me know! 

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Can I Please Be Done Now?....

I don’t know about you, but this time of year KILLS me. If there is a dog days of winter we are firmly in the middle of them!
Yeah, the days are getting longer, and yes we are in the range of half way done with winter, but MAN does this time of year drag! With the temps being consistently below freezing and the nights being longer than the daylight hours are, my frame of mind is in a very fragile way!

Now, I admit that I am not a winter sports person nor am I a fan of cold weather at all, I never have been, so I enter this conversation being biased to warm sunshine and beach climates, and thus it makes it harder for me to find even a sliver of attractiveness in the frigid months of Dec-Mar.

I’ve tried snowmobiling and skiing, tubing and ice fishing, all to no avail… each time I came away with a great set of memories and a few new skills, but at the same time deeply in need of an electric blanket and a hot toddy!

So I’ll take a second to say a quick I’m sorry to the few of us that relish the days of blinding snow and heavy coated attire, but I’m officially over it, and that’s the bad news, because I have to endure this agonizing frozen, ice covered torture for the better part of three more months.

If you need me I’ll be the one under the heat lamp! :/
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I'm no June Cleaver, but....

I told my husband Ethan that I won't be offended if he got me this washer machine for my birthday. It will make me a domestic GODDESS:

details here about the new Samsung washer with a built in SINK.  About time.

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The "good" advice you should really stop giving...

We’re getting married… it’s amazing the varied range of responses that you get when you tell people these three little words. Some folks shake their heads, others ask if you’ve gone crazy, and some smile and laugh or squeal with delight, but happily, all of the responses are usually followed up with a handshake, or a hug and a solemn wish of congratulations.

When my wife and I got engaged several people were surprised that a person “at my age” would be getting married to someone, anyone… as if to say that “You’ve made it this far so why do that to yourself”. Do what exactly? Improve my life? Marry my best friend? Spend my days knowing that I had chosen happiness and dedication to the person who brings it into my life, over random searching and well hidden loneliness?

Was I missing something?

Strange as it may seem, there is no shortage of well-intended people who do truly feel that they need to provide you with some pearl of sage advice, brought forth from their own years (sometimes days) of interpersonal experience! Most were joking, I hope, and that served to make their verbiage both better and worse.

Now, not every one of the people that I told our happy news to spoke of doom and a life served in eternal regret, most were honestly happy for us, but ironically the crazy “words of warning” that came from a truly select few made me do some introspective thinking, and they brought me to a series of conclusions that I feel inclined to share with you:

-People will give you advice whether you want it or not.
-They’re trying to be funny (sort of).
-Those same people usually don’t know you well enough to give you that advice.
-As a rule, it’s best to not listen to them.
Here’s my own words of advice to the people who say things like: “Why ruin your life by getting married?":
When a person (like me) is happy, don’t try to change that… find another lonely, angry, scared person just like yourself, and chat with them about how big of a fool I am being for marrying my best friend. In the meantime my wife and I will be living happily ever after… will you?
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My top smells different than my bottom...yup. I went there.

Ugh.  I hate running out of lotion.  My favorite lotion is apparently not "in season"....  whatever the heck that means (don’t guys use the same cologne all year round?)

I was hoping a layer of “Pure Paradise” from B&BW would shield me from the frigid Hell of this weather, but after the pure hell of trying to squeeze every morsel of the lotion out, I only had enough to cover the top half of my body. 

On to the next sheath I could wrangle from my cabinet:

“Mad About You”

For the lower half of my lotion-deprived body?  Sure, why not. 

“Pure Paradise” and “Mad About You” …

Two different scents this morning.  More than one body should handle.  I think I created a new line:

“Pure Madness”


Here’s to a peculiar smelling day.

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