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Cathy Donnelly
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Posts from July 2013

My First Froggy101 Blog!

I'm having a blast doing the night show on Froggy101! Fortunately there are no cameras in the studio to catch me dancing, playing the air guitar, and acting like a rock star! Plus, I'm learning all this social media stuff like Facebook, blogging and Jessie says she'll have me Tweeting soon! Thanks for hanging out with me in the night time and I hope to see you soon at a Froggy101 event!
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Where's the Fried Ice Cream?

Apparently, Martina McBride goes for sushi (and gets the birthday song) on her birthday too. One problem, her candle is in fruit instead of ice cream. Poor girl. HA! Happy Birthday, Martina!

NOTE: This is a Vine video and muted by default. You have to click the icon to hear audio.
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Worst Nightmare: bad interview

You'd think one of the cool things about a media job - meeting celebs. But it's such a let-down when they turn out to be jerks. Don't you think Bruce Willis goes out of his way to make this dj sweat?
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Pets give the best homecomings....

You would swear this dog is human .... She gives better greetings than most people!

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Am I a thief?

Our company picnic was at Knoebels on Friday . After dinner, I found a pair of expensive sunglasses on one of the picnic tables.  Thinking it probably belongs to one of my co-workers, my husband Ethan suggested I take it and email the office: FOUND SUNGLASSES.  I'd be the hero that rescued a nice pair of glasses from the Lost &Found abyss.

Well, no one claimed them. 

I must have taken someone's glasses from an adjoining picnic under the same pavilion. I feel like a criminal, with sunglasses that don't even look good on me. 

Good intentions gone bad ....

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"Pet Voices" are a real thing...

Why do people use such funny and/or weird voices when talking to their pets?
I do it, I admit it. In fact, Selena asked me to talk to her like I was talking to my cat, Bulter, so I said (in a mushy baby talk type inflection): "How's my boy... My best friend, My little Butler Boy". "Oh My God" she yells, bursting into laughter!

She looked at me as if I had just made the strangest, most bizarre statement ever. "Oh please, like you don't talk to Fozzie the same way?!" I said in my defense.  Shortly thereafter she too had to admit that she had a "Pet Voice" that she would employ when talking to her cat too.

I sincerely believe there is a "cat voice" that we cat owners talk in; it’s a different language that only we and other cat owners (and maybe the people that work at PetsMart) can understand.

So with that said I ask you pet owners: Do you use a “Pet Voice” when you speak to your pet? (secretly I already know the answer). Join us Monday morning at 8:15 and use it, and you may be rewarded with tickets to our Up Close And Personal show at the Montage Mountain Waterpark on the 26th .

Talk to you then!!!
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Love notes on Twitter - #romantic?!

Carrie Underwood and her hubby Mike Fisher just celebrated their 3rd anniversary.  They let the Twitter-verse in on their schmoopiness with love tweets:

Carrie tweeted: "3 years ago today, I married the most wonderful man! @mikefisher1212 has made those 3 years the best of my life!"
Mike tweeted back, "Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife @carrieunderwood an amazing 3 years it has been."

Are you #moved ?!  The "@" and "1212" handle etc kinda ruins the foreplay for me...

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New stuff on my youtube channel!

All sorts of new segments going on at my YouTube page, including, Rock it with Crockett, Ebay Buys, and Crockett's Limelight!  Check out local artist each week, and have yourself showcased live on Froggy 101 each week with me!  Check out mypage and make sure you subscribe!  
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What did you accidentally destroy fire with fireworks?

Every neighborhood has one.... Someone who buys a massive amount of fireworks to "One Up" his neighbors and to 'Shock In Awww" the neighborhood. Well my neighborhood is no different. I have a neighbor who stockpile fireworks all year round for his so-called "Fourth of July" PRIVATE PARTY.

Anyhow, last night he began the lighting the mountain of explosives he’d accumulated off, and all of the Dalton-tastic fireworks were going loud, long, and seemingly well, when there was a sudden rush of bodies (and focused attention) that was centered on a storage shed that the neighbor had just purchased on the edge of the property line.

 It seems that one of the larger fireworks had either misfired or been mis-aimed and had rocketed into the shed’s window and exploded… causing the gas can to ignite and thus causing the snow thrower, lawnmower, weed whacker, quad and a small fortune in lawn care implements housed inside of the shed to be eviscerated!

So I ask you now: What did you accidentally destroy with fireworks?
Think about it and join us Monday morning at 7:25 to tell us your story!
Have an awesome weekend… talk to ya then!
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Carrie Underwood's workout!

I've been obsessed with Carrie Underwood's new song, lately! Have you seen the video?

It's no secret how great her body is! Recently, she's been sharing her favorite workout secret - a deck of cards. Assign a body part for each suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs), then write relevant exercises on each one — Carrie splits the deck in half and changes the exercise for each half. The number on the card represents the amount of reps you do. After that all you need to do is shuffle the cards and start drawing!

Get more on Carrie's workout here -
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