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Posts from October 2014

My "Hi" has a tone ...

My dad just called to tell me I don't greet my parents equally.

And I owe my mom an apology because of it.

Awhile back, my mom called me with their car's Bluetooth, which puts the call on speaker phone for everyone in their car to hear. 

Me: "Hi Mom"
MOM:  "Your father's here too"
Me: "Hi Dad"

I know.  Looks like an equal HI.  But apparently, my father said my HI to him was a lot peppier.  And they BOTH noticed. It hurt my mom's feelings, and my dad told me I have to call and apologize to my mom.

...for not having as "peppy" a HI as my HI to Dad
Dizzy?  I swear I was a well-grounded child.

Was I subconsciously playing favorites?

 I thought back to that phone call from a week ago.  I’m pretty sure I was just excited for my parents that they figured out how to use the Bluetooth, and I could talk to both of them at the same time.  The second HI was a, “congratulations, you figured out modern technology and we can all talk and celebrate together” tone.  That should be easy to explain to my mom when I call to straighten this out, right?

. . . now, do I start that apologetic phone call with HI?

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Are you walking with a "rock in your shoe"?

In an effort to begin getting in shape I have started walking a 3+ mile route around the neighborhood where we live. On Sunday I set out on what would be a walk that would teach me a life lesson as well as get me closer to cardiovascular health.

I put on comfy (gym style) clothes, an appropriate wind breaker,  laced up my new pair of Nike Shox and began my trip around the berg, but as I stepped off the curb something instantly was wrong. Inside my left sneaker was something that was just big enough to make it uncomfortable to walk. The trouble was that it also was almost bearable enough to just let it stay there. I was torn, because I really didn’t want to stop and remove my shoe in the middle of a country road, plus I had a little bit of momentum built up that I didn’t want to interrupt, so I walked on hoping it would soon become a non-issue… it didn’t.

About a quarter of a mile into my journey I begrudgingly stopped, leaned against a tree, unlaced the Nike and removed the shoe, in an effort to remove whatever it was that was bugging me. I expected it to be the size of a boulder, it had to be right? Any item inside your shoe that keeps you from being able to move in comfort must be massive, I thought.

I slipped the sneaker off and tilted it toward me so that whatever it was would roll into my view… as it did, I peered into the shoe, only to be amazed at how, what I could only describe as, miniscule the pain causing item actually was. It turned out that my “boulder” was in fact a tiny metal ball bearing that must’ve come from a broken toy of Piper’s that had flown into my nearby sneaker. It was SO small that it was barely visible at all! I took it out, tossed it into the leaves, and began again to tread onward.

As I now was walking it was noticeably better and much more pleasant to move forward. I walked faster and it seemed almost like to steps were easier and more positive. My mood seemed to lighten and I began to look around me at the passing scenery as opposed to thinking about what was causing me pain in my every step.

Then it hit me…
What little thing was in my life that was causing me pain?
What was I was just dealing with instead of removing from my life?
What was bugging me that I no longer had to tolerate?
What was slowing me down and keeping me from being happy and enjoying my journey through this world?
What seemed SO huge, that was no doubt minuscule, was distracting me from moving on?
And- How more miles would I have to travel in this world to finally get it out of my life?
Serious questions provoked by a tiny annoyance, but a great lesson learned.
So, ask yourself if there’s a proverbial rock in your shoe as you’re living your life. Consider the idea of ridding yourself of the things that cause you pain, and how positive you’ll feel as a result.  The choice is yours to walk on in comfort or not… but, why walk with a rock in your shoe?
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What's changed in your life in the last 5 years?

I did a bit on the show this week where I asked people to briefly  tell me about what changes have happened in the last 5 years of their lives… it was astonishing!

For starters it was amazing how many calls I got!  Dozens of people with powerful stories about overcoming obstacles, gaining success and finding great improvement in their lives… but there was also people who told us of great setbacks, hardships and failures they’d incurred in the past half-decade, yet all of them ended their calls with a positive look at the future, and if nothing else, all had a determined will to win over the odds that may have seemed almost insurmountable.

I sat there a bit in awe. I honestly had thought that the topic would be a “risky” considering the fragile state of the average person’s mindset these days. I expected the worst and instead got a pleasant surprise!

I also couldn’t help but drift off to remember the person I had been five years ago and consequently sit in disbelief of how different my world is now as opposed to then.

Five years ago I was taking full care of my mother (who was in ill health), I drove a PT Cruiser, I was in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship, lived in an unfinished house and not only had no pets, but had no desire to have one (not to mention two or four), oh, and I was not even a member of the morning show that I now co-host.

Half a decade later all of that is changed… I am in a totally finished and beautiful home, drive a Chevy Colorado, I have a job that most people (even those in the radio biz) would love to have, I am the proud father of a cat- a dog- and two fish, I adore a five year old that keeps me on my best behavior daily, and in December I’ll stand on a beach in South Carolina and commit my life to her mother, my soul mate, as she becomes my wife.

Wanna make yourself smile?... Take a moment and think now about where you were ONLY five years ago… you may be surprised how far you’ve come, or maybe you'll get a very clear picture of what you need to change to start moving forward, but for better or worse, I hope that the next five will be equally as awesome, for both of us!
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Episode 15! Knockoff ebay Dot View Case review

I love my HTC One M8, but I needed a case.  A cool feature of the M8 is the Dot View feature, which turns your screen into this cool 8-bit looking graphic.  However, official Dot View cases are expensive, luckily, they sell knock offs on ebay for half price!  How do they hold up?  Check it out in the video!

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Episode 14! HTC One M8 UAG Case review.

I have seen this case floating around on the internet and it looked visually appealing ands tends to get great reviews.  The price is a bit high but I took the plunge and bought one and here is my review!

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Episode 13 Skull Candy Hesh review!

I'm back with once again, another review.  This time I put the Skull Candy Hesh headphones on the cutting block.  I tend to forget my headphones at home, so I figured a nice backup would help.  I have been wearing Skully Candys to work for the better part of five years now, and figured these would make a nice backup.  

While they are expensive in stores I was able to pick up a pair used on ebay for $25.  How do they hold up?  Check out the video and find out!

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Episode 12! Skull Candy Skull Crusher (real tree) Review!

A lot of people ask we what type of headphones I'm wearing when I'm out at remotes or doing my show live.  So I figured why not do a review!  Yes, I rock the Skull Candy Crushers everyday, for about two years, and here is my review!

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