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Posts from January 2013

What to do... What to do?

I have the opportunity this week only, to purchase a boy hood dream.  A replica wrestling championship belt.  I have always wanted own a belt since I can remember, and now that this dream is in my face I'm torn.  See here is the problem.  I can easily pay the belt off before the end of February, no problem.  The problem is the guilt.  My fiance Tara, may not admit it, but this is not the wisest purchase, and before everyone jumps down her throat, I also know this is not the best purchase in the world.  

We are all feeling the sting of a bad economy, and I'm in that boat as well.  I could use that $269, on groceries, gas, and bills, I know this, but this is a chance to capture a dream.  A silly one?  Yes.  A necessity? No.  I have tried to rationalize the purchase in my head a million times, and nothing is working.  If I buy the belt I wont be late on any bills, and I will still have money in the bank (not a lot, but enough).  My tax return is coming in, and I will be using that to pay off a credit card, and will have $300 left over, so there is some extra cash... see there I go again, trying to rationalize.  

What to do, what to do? 
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I COOKED I COOKED! Well, kinda...

Don't tell, I cut corners with CHICKEN PATTIES!!

Munchie Monday challenge:  Crock Pot Chicken Wing Dip

I don't find cooking relaxing.  Cleaning is more my Zen.  So when another Munchie Monday recipe called for cooking up raw chicken, I scoffed at it .... then procrastinated like any normal chicken-cookin CHICKEN (!)  I didn't even buy the ingredients until 6pm Sunday night.  There HAD to be an EVEN easier method for this already easy crock pot dip! (pathetic, I know)

Now, my husband Ethan was appalled when I returned from the grocery store with my creative substitution -- CHICKEN PATTIES!!!
(Seriously, I was looking for the fastest - & cheapest - fix).  He thought the dip would be ruined (Eric made the same face when I told him what my secret ingredient would be!).  But think about it -- it's a wing dip.  What wouldn't taste awesome in a chicken wing dip but breaded chicken to pull in the Frank's Hot Awesomeness!! 

For someone that doesn't cook, I thought this was an enlightening discovery ;-p

...and believe it or not, the office LOVED it! 
The Crock Pot returned home, without a drop of leftover dip
... what a successful downer (would have loved some leftovers to avoid cooking another night!)

Enjoy for yourself, and let me know if you take the bold chicken patty route ... I have paved the path for you, my raw chicken fearing friends!!!!  

(you can also use precooked chicken strips, like Tyson's; a listener also suggested canned chicken.  The Patties were just the easiest and least expensive substitute that lazy day I tried it)

Here's this week's Munchie Monday recipe, courtesy of Brenda Pytlik
who writes on FB:

Love Love Love this recipe!!

And Thank you Selena & Eric for the $25 Gift Card to the Giant Market for submitting this recipe!!!

You Guys are the BEST!!!

Servings: 12
2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese

3 -4 boneless chicken breasts, cooked and diced (Selena used chicken patties! The breading made it work!)
1 cup frank's hot sauce

1 cup ranch salad dressing

1 cup blue cheese dressing
1 cup sour cream
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
3 -4 stalks of chopped celery (add to dip or serve on the side)

Directions: Combine all ingredients into crock pot. Reserve some cheddar cheese for the top. Cook on low for 2 hours. Just before serving, add the reserved cheese to the top and allow to melt.

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The "Super-Bore"?... No Thanks!

You will never find a bigger football fan than I am, equal maybe, but bigger never, and for that reason you would think that I would be waiting in breathless anticipation of this weekend’s matchup: The Super bowl… I am not.
Heralded as the greatest day in all of sports, the final game of the NFL season has grown to become a spectacle of epic proportion, and one that if you say you’re not going to be watching, or you don’t really care who wins, your sanity is called into question.
Sure it’s a game that determines the nation’s most popular sport’s champion; sure it serves as an excuse to gamble, drink, and eat to a degree of unequalled excess; sure it’s the last we will see of football until training camp begins in late summer, but this year I’m going to be staring at my eyelids.
Why you ask…. well mainly, to be honest I’m not sure that the super bowl is about people like me anymore.
Let me explain: 1. You can bet on almost everything from Beyonce's Cleavage, to Coaches Wearing Hats, to the Color of the Gatorade, but I don’t gamble!
2. It’s estimated that ESPN will air 120 hours of Super Bowl coverage…. WHAT?!
3. There will be 100 chefs and 1,000 servers at the New Orleans Superdome for this Sunday's Super Bowl, and as guy who loves to eat that’s awesome, but The most expensive food fans at the game will be able to order is a Gulf shrimp cocktail that will run you $30, and the CHEAPEST is an order of small nachos, which will cost EIGHT dollars… SMALL NACHO FOR EIGHT BUCKS ?! , NO WAY!
4. And since my beloved Philadelphia Eagles never had a playoff chance in hell… I have no reason to stay up past the national anthem.
 This Sunday evening while the turf, sweat, chicken wings and expletives fly through the air… I’ll be sleeping. Joe Thomas will get me the details on Monday.
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